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*Tri Harianto1, - and Muhammad Yunus2, - and Muhammad Akbar Walenna3, - BEARING CAPACITY OF RAFT-PILE FOUNDATION USING TIMBER PILE ON SOFT SOIL. International Journal of GEOMATE, Oct., 2021, Vol.21, Issue 86,.


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6 Firzan Nainu, - A Comprehensive Review of the Potential Use of Green Tea Polyphenols in the Management of COVID-19. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.


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ANDI RANI SAHNI PUTRI, - and MUKTI ZAINUDDIN2, - and MUSBIR, - and MUZZNEENA AHMAD MUSTAPHA, - and RACHMAT HIDAYAT, - Mapping potential fishing zones for skipjack tuna in the southern Makassar Strait, Indonesia, using Pelagic Habitat Index (PHI). B IO D I V ER S I T AS Volume 22, Number 7, July 2021. ISSN ISSN: 1412-033X

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Alwi, Alwi and Susanti, Gita Policy instrument for effectrive implementation of the food security policy in Indonesia. Rigeo. ISSN 2146-0353 ●

Amelia Lorensia, - and Rivan Virlando Suryadinata, - Smoking Cessation Experience and Socioeconomic Status of Online Motor cycle Taxi Drivers in Surabay. Media Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia Volume 17 Issue 3 2021.

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Andi Indahwaty Sidi, - and Lalu Muhammad Saleh, - and Eka Fatmawati, - and Indah Nur Insani, - Do Ethical Climate Have Impact on Job Satisfaction of Staff in West Sulawesi Hospital, Indonesia? Media Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia Volume 17 Issue 2 2021.

Andi Indahwaty Sidin, - and Lalu Muhammad Saleh, - and Eka Fatmawati, - and Indah Nur Insani, - Do Ethical Climate Have Impact on Job Satisfaction of Staff in West Sulawesi Hospital, Indonesia? Media Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia Volume 17 Issue 2 2021.

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