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This system is an online locus for collecting, preserving, and disseminating - in digital form - the intellectual output of Hasanuddin University. This would include materials such as research journal articles, before (preprints) and after (postprints) undergoing peer review, and digital versions of theses and dissertations, but it might also include other digital assets generated by normal academic life, such as administrative documents, course notes, or learning objects.

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    M, SARTIKA (2015-09-03)
    ABSTRAK Penelitian tentang kajian ikan medaka javanicus Oryzias javanicus sebagai bioindikator pencemaran logam berat timbal (Pb) di perairan, telah dilakukan pada bulan Maret - April 2015. Tujuan dari penelitian ini ...
  • LITAAY, MAGDALENA; Christine, Grace; G Budji, Risco; Dwyana, Zaraswati (2015-09-03)
    ABSTRAK Telah dilakukan penelitian tentang uji aktivitas simbion tunikata laut Polycarpa aurata terhadap bakteri uji Salmonella typhi dan Stapilococcus aureus. Penelitian ini merupakan rangkaian penelitian bioprospekting ...
  • Anraeni, Siska; Nurtanio, Ingrid; Indrabayu (TELKOMNIKA Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering, 2015-08)
    The frequencies of chronic kidney disease are likely to continue to increase worldwide. So people need to take a precaution, which is by maintaining kidney health and early detection of renal impairment by analyzing the ...
  • Indrabayu; Zaman, Baizul; Ahmad Ilham, Amil; Sari Areni, Intan (International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJETIY), 2015-08)
    A robust reagents prediction is able to support the service improvement in laboratories. In this paper, Radial Basis Function Networks (RBFN) method with (3, Q, 1) architecture is used to predict two types of reagents ...
  • HASDY, DIAN (2015-09-03)
    Dian hasdy, Nim E411 11 102, dengan judul skripsi identifikasi faktorfaktor sosial anak pemain game (Gamers). (kasus anak yang tinggal di Perumahan BTP, kota Makassar)”. Dibimbing oleh Darwis dan Suparman abdullah ...