The use remote sensing technology to determine the distribution of small pelagic fish in IFMA 713

Safruddin, - and Rachmat Hidayat, - and Baso Aswar, - and St. Aisjah Farhum, - and Mukti Zainuddin, - (2021) The use remote sensing technology to determine the distribution of small pelagic fish in IFMA 713. IOP Publishing 2021.

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Abstract (Abstrak)

This study aimed to better understand the effect of oceanographic parameters on the spatial distribution of small pelagic fish (SPF) in Indonesia Fisheries Management Area (IFMA) 713. This research is a preliminary study in identifying preferences habitat for SPF by using some oceanographic parameters (i.e. depth, sea surface temperature (SST), and sea surface chlorophyll-a (SSC)). The depth data was gained from The ETOPO2 satellite database. Furthermore, the SST and SSC data were derived from Terra/MODIS. Fish finder was used to detect and determine the position of fish schooling in the water column and provide water depth information. The In-situ data collected from June to August 2020 in Makassar Strait and Bone Gulf by followed the fishing operation by lift net gear in the Spermonde Island waters and Luwu Regency waters, respectively. The fishery data and oceanographic satellite imaginary overlay and mapped using Geographic Information System techniques. The result founded that the SPF distributions, which is dominated by anchovies, sardine, scad, and mackerel, occupied areas with range from 30.0 to 31.0 o C SST with corresponding with SSC of 0.30 to 0.50 mg/m-3 , and inhabit the water depth in inshore areas with the fish swimming layers mostly in maximum depth at 20 m or less based on fish finder recording display. This information is needed for the sustainable management of small pelagic fish in IFMA 713.

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